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2 February 2023

The task of the European Degree Label project, which CU has joined through its membership of the 4EU+ Alliance, is to map the current options for study across universities and, in particular, the process for the granting of joint degrees at a total of 51 European universities. It provides a comparison of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programmes connected through the programme, as well as the legislation of individual Member States in this area and focuses on any obstacles that have hitherto stood in the way of concurrent study programmes. The project seeks to make it easier to award joint degrees within the European higher education environment. The project output will be a unified vision of the form to be taken by such a degree and the criteria that international joint degree programmes should meet so as to allow the granting of such a degree.

“This project signifies a new standard in cooperation between universities in Europe. It will lead primarily to simplification of the process for awarding joint degrees and the new, high-quality joint degree programmes. I am convinced that it will bring students at universities in the 4EU+ Alliance many new benefits in their studies,” said Charles University Rector, prof. Milena Králíčková.

The pilot project, which is being financed by the European Commission, will now run for one year and will also allow national institutions – ministries of education and accreditation bodies – to analyse and test the concept for a joint European diploma (European Degree).

However, Charles University is not merely a rank-and-file participant in the project, as two joint degree programmes organized by the University – the Václav Havel MA European Politics and Society at the CU Faculty of Social Sciences and the European Joint Doctorate MOVES – Migration and Modernity: Historical and Cultural Challenges at the CU Faculty of Arts – were selected for the pilot phase.

The exceptional status of CU within the Alliance was emphasized by prof. PhDr. Lenka Rovná, CSc., Member of the Rector’s Board for 4EU+, who also coordinates the CU and 4EU+ Alliance team in the project: “Charles University continues to achieve better and better results in the field of Joint Degrees. Out of all the universities in the 4EU+ Alliance it has the highest number of Joint Degrees, with the Sorbonne not far behind”.

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