Study programmes implemented in collaboration with two or more schools from different countries have recently become more and more popular. These programmes satisfy the demand for strategic partnerships, internationalization, foreign cooperation, and mobility by students as well as academic staff and management. However, the international nature of these programmes also presents a number of potential complications, the most fundamental of which appear to be their typology and classification. In connection with this type of studies, you can find a full range of terms, from more common ones such as joint degree, double degree, or multiple degree, as well as terms such as integrated, consecutive, dual, international, conjoint, parallel, simultaneous, and common degrees. Regardless of the conceptual plurality indicated above (based on the different legislative frameworks of the individual universities), all of these programmes must be accredited at Charles University in accordance with Section 47(a) of Act no. 111/1998 Sb. on Institutions of Higher Education, and on amendments to other acts.

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