All study programmes realized at Charles University in cooperation with universities from abroad must be accredited in the same manner as other Czech study programmes. Hence, the preparation of the programmes must comply with the Accreditation Code of Charles University. The accreditation materials submitted to the Internal Evaluation Board list and describe in greate detail the part conducted at Charles University.

Considering the international nature of the joint programmes, several appendices must be attached to the proposal for the study programme. A description of these appendices and the process of their approval by the Rector’s Office is described here in these guidelines.

Mandatory features of agreements pertianing to each transnational joint study programme are described by Rector's Directive No. 66/2017. This RD also lists several exemptions from the Code of study and examination.

The preparation and issuing of diplomas to graduates of joint study programmes is governed by Rector's Directive No. 61/2017 – “Joint diplomas issued to graduates of study programmes implemented in cooperation with universities abroad”.

The accreditation process is summarized in the following document. Generally, the time required for a successful imlementation of a new joint programme is approximately two years.

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